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Why do Computers go wrong? Well like any machine they have moving parts which will wear out and are subject to damage by dropping, liquid spillage and even electrical spikes from the mains supply! The vast majority of problems however are due to viruses or by the lack of simple maintenance - Operating System updates, anti-virus programmes etc., I can fix these, and leave the computer protecting itself from future problems.

Often another issues is a 'change of use'. When people buy their Computer, they buy one suitable to what they want to use it for - say email and Internet Browsing. As they get used to it they become more adventurous and start using it for digital photographs, videos etc., This can slow an under-powered machine down incredibly but can often be sorted with additional memory, or a change of video card.

After time, the hard disk becomes fragmented - that is, files are split and stored in multiple locations on the hard disk instead of one continuous stream. This isn't a problem for the computer, as if it wants to use these files it re-assembles them as it needs them - but this takes time - YOUR time. A badly fragmented disk makes what should take a second take 10 seconds, which with thousands of files (all programmes use thousands of file, I don't just mean word documents or spreadsheets) adds up to a slow PC. Just by defragmenting the hard disk, you can speed up your PC! I can do this, and show you how simple it is so you can do it yourself if you want to!

Once you start loading your music CD's or digital photos onto your PC, you may start to run out of hard disk space. The Computer uses spare space as a 'computing area' when about it's normal work - like an electronic jotter so to speak. So it's important to keep a good chunk of free space on your hard disk. These days, external disks are quite cheap and easy to use, and I can install one and re-organise your files for you to resolve this problem.

Laptops and Networks are becoming more popular these days - and why not? It's convenient to be able to sit in your living room with your laptop on er, well your lap rather than being stuck upstairs in the spare room! So, the addition of a wireless router can change your existing internet connection into a wireless one that can work with multiple computers throughout the house! You can share even share printers and storage space between them! I can sort out all your networking needs and make efficient use of your Internet connection

Do you work for yourself, or have a small business of hobby? A personal Website can be a simple and reasonably cheap way of having an 'Internet presence'. Your other advertising has to be reasonably brief on the services you offer, but your website can be a means by which more detailed information can be sought - like THIS ONE for example. It is quite a simple and 'clean' means of giving more detail. I created this one myself and can do the same for you.

It starts with buying a 'domain name' e.g. which then gives you 'space' to load pages of information and usually a few email addresses using the domain name - e.g. etc., A website like this one would cost you typically less than 150 as a one-off cost for me to set up for you. For that you would get the purchase of the domain, design and creation of the pages and set-up of email addresses etc., All that would be needed from you would be the 'content' - in other words, what you wanted it to say, logos, pictures and so on. I can do all this for you and you are left with an 'Internet presence' for years to come.

So many small businesses 'evolve' rather than be designed. So typically say an Estate Agent, or other small Office starts with one computer, then another, then another - all running independently. usually there is no back-up regime and it's only when one crashes and a whole load of information is irretrievably lost do you realise just how valuable this information was in the first place! Let me review your set-up and advise on a better and safer way of working altogether. Just a small investment could save thousands in the future.

Still reading? Well as you can see, the options and issues are endless, and if I haven't mentioned your issue then just call me and if I can help I WILL help! It's that simple!


telephone: 0750 3006201