Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I used to offer service at your home or Office, but now as a full time carer for my wife, I work exclusively from my home so the remainder of this information is out of date.

This page is intended to answer the most common questions, if  it doesn't please email me here
and I will respond to you and I may also add the response to this page

Who are your Customers? I provide support and advice to Small Businesses, Home Users and Home Office Users. Many of my Clients are Senior Citizens or single parent families but I cater for all.

What is the most common problem? Far and away most problems are viruses or pop-ups which slow the computer down to a crawl so more than half of what I do amounts to a computer equivalent of a 'service'. The computer is usually returned clean, up-to-date with Windows updates and patches, faster running and better protected than before.

What do you mean by advice? I can provide advice on new purchases or the set-up of Networks, Servers, Websites and backup solutions.

How much do you charge? In the vast majority of cases all you need pay for is my time. I charge a flat rate of 40 for a home visit which also covers up to an hour (pro rata after that, so an hour and a half for example would be 60). This is comparable or even cheaper to a plumber or electrician. If instead of a home visit you bring the problem computer to me (Burnham on Crouch) then I only charge 20 an hour. Most problems can be sorted away from home, it's usually only Internet connectivity or Network set-ups that need a home or office visit.

At the risk of complicating the charging process, I always aim to give value for money, so if problems take a lot longer to resolve than expected - I simply stop counting after 2 or 3 hours to keep the cost down - there's no point in spending more to fix the problem than the cost of a new one in the first place! After all, I want your repeat business AND I want you to recommend me to your friends!

For longer projects I quote a lower day rate.

Should a solution require the purchase of parts - e.g. memory, hard disk etc., the cost would be advised before purchase and be in addition to the hourly rate. If you have more than one computer in the house / office I can work on several at the same time.

Can you fix any Computer straight away? Of course not, it really depends on the problem in the first place. A lot of problems are slow running or virus or pop-up infested computers. These may require additional memory to be ordered and installed, or extensive clean-up programmes to be run. In the case of the latter, it is more prudent to bring the machine back to my lab and connect to my fast Network. Rather than sit in front of your Computer for 6 hours watching the clean-up programme in your house, I can do this in my lab and only directly interact for an hour or so, saving you considerable money in the process.

Are all problem fixable? Sadly not. The vast majority are, but If the problem is a physical one then it may be not economically viable to fix it and I would advise on the purchase of a replacement and if required (and if possible) offer assistance in the transfer of data (files, photos, music, emails etc.,) from the old to the new computers.


telephone: 0750 3006201